Francis Alÿs: Gibraltar Focus

Jun 29, 2013 - Sep 8, 2013
Francis Alÿs (born 1959) charges into a tornado kicking up swirls of dust with a hand-held camera. He pushes a huge block of ice around the streets of Mexico City from morning till night until it melts. Though seemingly reckless and absurd, Alÿs presents each of these actions as an allegory of the society in which we live, and in doing so elucidates facets of reality that cannot be overlooked.
Alÿs wanders around the city to uncover issues that inhere in our daily lives. Currently residing in Mexico, he has conducted a range of projects around the world that point to these issues in real life contexts, from actions performed on city streets to large-scale projects that involve several hundred participants.
Many of Alÿs' works explore the societal and political issues of his immediate environment: Mexico; but his humorous and poetic delivery of such site-specific issues engage many viewers regardless, which explains why he is recognized internationally.

The exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, reviews Alÿs' oeuvre from his earliest works to his most recent works, through two stages. The first stage will provide an overview of his artistic activity and the second stage will focus on his new, large-scale project held in the Strait of Gibraltar, Don't Cross the Bridge Before You Get to the River. This section will include a total of approximately one hundred pieces, ranging from documentary footage, paintings, drawings, installation, sculptures and photographs.
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