Love, Now More Than Ever

at Mori Art Museum / Japan, Tokyo
Apr 26, 2013 - Sep 1, 2013

For human beings, love is the most precious of things. To mark its 10th anniversary, the Mori Art Museum will take the theme of "love." Via around 200 works ranging from celebrated contributions to art history, to ambitious new works, the exhibition explores love in its myriad forms - starting romantic love, extending to love of family, and love of mankind. Possessed of a complexity that causes it to occasionally stray into the realms of hatred and jealousy, love also has the ability to transcend conflict of every sort. The exhibition will present renowned works depicting love in its many manifestations, including the new kinds of bond we forge in today's internet - connected world. What does "love" mean to you? Join us to experience love anew, through the medium of art.
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