Modern Greek Art: Treasures from the E. Averoff Museum

20 June 2013 to 20 September 2013
at Theocharakis Foundation, Athens, Greece
Treasures from the excellent collection of Evangelos Averrof – Tositsa along with new acquisitions of the museum reveal a new aspect of Greek painting from the 19th century until today through the works of prominent artists. The renowned member of Parliament and writer Evangelos Averrof was known for his passion towards art. Ancient artifacts, icons, post-christianic and church items, jewelry, guns and books, amongst others, expressed his continuing love for Greek culture. Furthermore, he founded two unique museums, one of which is hosted at the emblematic museum in the town of Metsovo.
Representative works of art by Prosalentis, Giallinas, Lantsas, Lytras, Gyzis, Volanakis, Jacovides, Flora-Karavia, Rallis, Pantazis, Chimonas, Parthenis, Economou, Moralis, Tsarouchis, Fassianos, Botsoglou, Prekas, Samios, Xenos, Mortarakos, Adamakos, Zacharioudakis, a.o. in the exhibition reveal the power and richness of Greek art.
 Exhibition curator: Takis Mavrotas
Exhibition duration: 20 June – 20 September 2013
Exhibition opening hours: Monday - Sunday: 10:00 -18:00

Ticket fees: 6€, 4€
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