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Sokratis Romilio updates the genre of portraiture by including ideas of role-playing, the influence of film, and his use of traditional and contemporary photographic processes. 
Carefully composing each scene in the manner of a stage set, Romilio manipulates our perceptions while parodying the mass-media stereotypes found in filmmaking and advertising.
Simultaneously, he critiques photography’s reputation as an inherently honest, candid source of information.
Romilio turned to photography toward the end of the 2000s in order to explore a wide range of common social roles, or personas.
Romilio sought to call into question the seductive and often oppressive influence of mass-media over our individual and collective identities.
Turning the camera on himself in a game of extended role playing of fantasy Hollywood, mass advertising, stereotyped roles and poses, Romilio ultimately called his audience's attention to the powerful machinery and make-up that lay behind the countless images circulating in an incessantly public, "plugged in" culture.

Social isolation, identity exploration, the fashioning of self identity as mass deception, these are among the unsettling subjects lying behind Romilio’s extensive series of self-portraiture in various guises. Romilio’s work is central in the era of intense consumerism and image proliferation at the close of the 20th century.
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