The Great Chimera at Poreia Theatre

A play based on the novel by M. Karagatsis adapted by Stratis Paschalis
This powerful, epic and erotic melodrama is a 20th century Greek tragedy. It is a co-production of the Poreia Theatre and the Athens and Epidaurus Festival 2014, conceived and directed by Dimitri Tarlow who is the grandson  of  the  famous  novelist  M. Karagatsis.  The Great Chimera is renowned throughout  Greece  and  is  read  as  widely today  as  it  was  when first published. It is one of a trilogy  of  novels  exploring  how strangers  to  Greece  fare  in  this rough and dramatic land, itself full of conflict between its ancient traditions and its war-­‐torn modern   history.
In the Great Chimera the main character is Marina, a French woman, passionate  about classical Greek culture, who moves to Greece having fallen in love and married a Greek ship-­owner. She carries within her  deep  psychological  traumas.  Greece,  with  its  austere simplicity, makes one confront oneself; a sensual place which fatally lures one and which will drag Marina into a passionate vortex with no way out, leading her to self-­‐destruction. Karagatsis creates an urban drama with deep ideological quests -­‐ on the subject of the Greek identity and the relationship between Ancient Greece and the West. Within the canvas of a love story in the form of an Ibsenian triangle, the perception of life, tragedy, realism, romantic reverie and, sometimes, paradox are intertwined. In this production, theatre interplays with the art of cinema; human relationships in all their difficulty, passions and acts become snapshots of reality and fragments of a dream.
Performances: Wednesdays and Sundays at 19:30, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 21:00

Tickets: from 10 to 20 €
More Info: PoreiaTheatre
3-5 Trikorfon str.
10344 Athens Greece
Tel: +30 2108210082, +30 2108210991

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