A sculpture by Jeff Koons removed from a retrospective

A sculpture by Jeff Koons removed from a retrospective of his work at the Centre Pompidou in Paris after he was accused of ripping off a French clothing advert (Naf Naf), the museum said Tuesday.  
The specific artwork portrays a pig and a  penguin with the bust of a woman lying on snow in a fishnet top revealing her breasts. Entitled "Fait d'Hiver" -- a play on the French term for a short news item "fait divers" -- the sculpture resembles a 1985 advertising campaign of the same name for French clothing brand Naf-Naf.
The Naf-Naf campaign showed a young girl lying in snow, apparently the victim of an avalanche, being nosed by a pig with a barrel of rum under its neck in reference to the famous Saint Bernard rescue dogs. Koons's porcelain artwork shows a similar looking woman with short black hair who is being approached by a pig with a barrel under its neck.  Franck Davidovici, the creator of the campaign, accused Koons of stealing his idea.
The president of the Pompidou Centre, Alain Seban, defended the US pop artist however, noting that "similar questions" had already been raised in the United States about other works from Koons's Banality sculpture series, "the very principle of which is to draw on objects bought in shops or images seen in the press".
The sculpture, which was sold at Christie's auction house in New York for about 3.0 million euros in 2007, is one of four copies of the artwork.
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