Everything’s wrong, Xerxes State of Concept Gallery

Everything’s wrong, Xerxes
State of Concept Gallery
Margarita Bofiliou's solo painting exhibition
16.05.2015 to 11.07.2015
State of Concept is pleased to present the solo exhibition of artist Margarita Bofiliou, entitled “Everything’s wrong, Xerxes” from May 16th to July 11th.
The title of the show derives from a vague memory from an encounter and a discussion the artist had with a friend; the phrase “everything’s wrong Xerxes” stayed with Margarita Bofiliou for a long time, so she decided to source it and found out that it derives from the classic Greek tragedy Perseus by Aeschylus. The symbol of power, Xerxes, is the infallible king who made the wrong decisions; he built bridges, he pushed forward to conquer but had to pay a dear price since he returned defeated.
The works featured in the exhibition are an exploration of the way that symbols are manipulated and personified in contemporary culture, as well as the way power is manipulating symbols but also filters them and re-appropriates them, but also how specific symbols represent power.
In his seminal tragedy, Aeschylus is using the defeated as his central figure, in order to accentuate the winners, which in this case are the Greeks. The artist is investigating this perspective, making a straightforward commentary on patriotism, the infamous self-love of the Greek tradition as well as the notion of symbols within politics, society and its power relations.
Bofiliou’s work uses symbols, social practices, experience and memory, primeval mysticism and contemporary introspection as tools for her work. She investigates the way through which the socio-political system, forms symbols that can include stereotypes, behaviours and roles to its benefit. The construction and elaboration of human and environmental nature, in conjunction to a personal experience, are also of interest to the artist.
Margarita Bofiliou (b.1979) lives and works in Athens, Greece. She holds a MA Photography from the Royal College of Art, London (2005). She was artist-in- residence at Cité international des Arts, Paris (2004), recipient of the National Magazine Company Award 2004 and the Spyropoulos Prize 2008. Selected solo and group exhibitions include: “Sensual Abstraction a la belle etoile”, ReMap4 (Athens, 2013); “Innate memories”, Art Athina, State of Concept (Athens, 2013); “Parnassos”, Literary Society Parnassos (Athens, 2012); “The Forgotten Bar”,
Galerie Utopia, ReMap3 (Athens, 2011); “The Non-Existent Hand”, ReMap3, Hotel Galini (Athens, 2011); “Cabinets of miracles”, Zone D, Zoumboulaki Gallery (Athens, 2010); “Locus Solus”, Benaki Museum (Athens, 2010); “Celebration / 10 year anniversary of Hydra School Projects”, Alex Mylonas Museum (Athens, 2010); “The Lobby”, IBID projects (London, 2008); “Blue eyes on route to the best brothel of paradise”, Art Athina, commissioned by the National Theatre of Greece (Athens, 2008); “Satellites (i-cabin baggage)”, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery (New York, 2006); “ New Contemporaries 2004”, Liverpool & The Barbican (London, 2004); etc. In 2012, she was a proposed artist for the Future Generation Art Prize 2012.

Event Info
State of Concept Gallery
19, Tousa Botsari, Athens 117 41 ,
Wednesday – Friday: 15:00-20:00
Saturday: 13:00-17:00

Free Admission
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