The crisis in Greece arouses Objections in Art

The crisis in Greece arouses Objections in Art | Solo exhibition of George Papadimitriou
The first solo exhibition of the artist George Papadimitriou entitled "Objections" is inaugurated on Tuesday 26th May, 2015 at the "Eikastikes Anazitiseis" gallery in Athens.
Eikastikes Anazitiseis (in english, visual art's searches) is a gallery granted mainly to young artists by its owner Mr. Meletis Fikioris, a lawyer and collector of works of art, so that they can present their work to the art-loving audience.  
It is of particular importance that the host of the gallery has been offering it to artists disinterestedly for six years, that is well before the financial crisis in Greece, aiming to promote art and establish more and more young artists through his act.
Having a number of participations in group exhibitions under his belt, in his first solo exhibition, George Papadimitriou propounds images that mirror all the major elements which attest the wrong decisions that have been made or the improper past stances or life choices.  After all, objection suggests a right and is a right/counter-right itself.
Living in an era of humanitarian crisis that affects the socially vulnerable groups and triggers long debates, dialogues or even monologues for the "prosperous few" in order for the latter to express themselves emotionally but rather superficially in essence, George Papadimitriou's paintings arouse objections through the abstractly clear images, the strong symbolism used and the mixed but intense feelings evoked. Indeed, these objections preexisted but they nowadays denote intimate cries for salvation.

Papadimitriou himself notes:
"What matters to me is to express art with social content. It is through both symbolism and expressionism that realism emerges, which never exaggerates, while at the same time it sympathizes with the human state, intensifies the expression without embellishing it and does not entirely conform to the norm.
Personally, painting is principally a way to compromise the sound social consciousness with the most profound inner struggle, the imperfection with the beauty, the touch of life with the obsessional idea of death. The definition of Art, as shaped in my mind, is the point to which all these converge."
You can find more information about George Papadimitriou in his personal blog .

Eikastikes Anazitiseis
Spefsippou str. 21, Kolonaki
Athens / Greece
Tel. +30 210 7221556
Inauguration: 26th of May, 19:30hrs
Duration of exhibition: 26th of May till 27th of June 2015

Working hours
Tuesday to Friday: 1800hrs - 21:00hrs

Wednesday, Saturday: 1100hrs - 1500hrs
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