Photography exhibition at Elizabeth House takes in 13 diferent countries

Malorie Bader’s exhibition, Colourful Travels, is at the Station Hill gallery and shows scenes from 13 different countries in Europe, North America and Africa.
Originally from New York, Malorie moved to the UK when she was 12.
Always a creative child, Malorie toyed with the idea of going to art school but decided to study biological sciences and become a clinical research scientist.
Malorie, admits that she chooses holiday destinations based on what kind of photographs she wants to get.
“It’s all about getting the right picture for me now. It’s sort of all I think about when I go somewhere.
“My favourite picture in this exhibition is of some penguins in Boulders Bay in South Africa. The colours are just phenomenal.
 “I really want my pictures to take people away from the bad things in life and see the joy in the world.”
 “It’s also great for our members who love to see exotic far-off places.
“The gallery has been here for six years now and has been a great venue for many local artists as well as raising money for our the Elizabeth House day centre. And we’re always on the lookout for new artists in the area and would love to hear from them.”
Malorie’s exhibition runs until August 28.
It is open weekdays from 9am-3pm, and she plans to open on some of the weekends so look out for the ‘Exhibition Open’ sign.

Artists who would like to use the space can contact Mike at
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