Tasos Petsas | Mother of mine

Tasos Petsas | Mother of mine (Anna) | A new creator of instrumental music and a hit which has been rising in the Greek and Foreign charts list , hiding a touching story in the background.
Tasos Petsas is a new maker of instrumental music. Apart from being a Graduate of The Athens Faculty of Law with a post graduate degree in the Civil Law, he has also studied Music and Phonetics.
In 2015 he releases on his own the track "Mother Of Mine (Anna)" which was composed in 1992. It's the track his mother used to like listening to him playing it on the harmonium . Unfortunately in April 2013 his beloved mother passed away suffering from cancer. He then decides to dedicate it to her memory giving it the title "Mother Of Mine (Anna)" since she was so fond of it.
The public's reaction was very positive. The track rose to #1 of the Greek daily real time iTunes chart for 3-4 times , twice in the #1 Greek Billboard Weekly Digital Singles ,and for six more weeks in the top -10 of the same chart. In June 2015 the international promotion of the track was launched. It manages to enter the Euro -200 which is an independent chart measuring streaming / downloads/ airplays , also in the Hong Kong iTunes General Chart, in the Japanese iTunes ( R'N'B ' Category ) and finally in the British iTunes (R'N'B' Category) . Also the British Radio Station of Cardiff includes it in its afternoon AirPlay .
"Mother Of Mine ( Anna )" is in two versions. The slow version that is based in the actual music sheet which he had written when he was 16, and the Dance Remix Version. Each separate version has its own symbolism for Tasos. His slow version is giving the melody a retro melancholic atmosphere symbolizing all beautiful memories every woman has of her life before she is diagnosed with cancer. His dance remix version gives the melody a dynamic sound which symbolizes the struggle that every sick woman makes so as to survive cancer.
Since August 2015, Tasos Petsas belongs to the FM RECORDS music company and the track is being re-released with a new slow version in which some vinyl sound effects are included . Thus , the track has a retro mood . It is also re- released in a new dance remix version .
Meanwhile , Tasos is preparing the whole new track "Angel Of Mine " a trip hop ballad with special details vocally . A very beautiful video clip will be shot. In the new track there will be Tasos ' vocals in collaboration with a new female performer who also belongs to FM RECORDS . He has also finished his first album which will be released in 2016. In hard times like these , a new music maker manages to make strong steps in the tricky music field ready to start his up climb not only in his country, but also abroad.
Watch the track "Mother Of Mine ( Anna )" visualized by its own creator with microfilm collected by his father from the '60s and '70s at the following link: YouTube
Translated by EDITOR IN CHIEF / Panos Paraskevas

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