Orange Water Art Festival at the Netherland Institute of Athens

On Monday, November 16, 2015 at 20.30 the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mr Caspar Veldkamp, will present the catalog of the Orange Water Art Festival at the Netherland Institute of Athens. (Makri 11, Athens. Next to Acropolis Metro Station).

The first Orange Water festival is built on the idea of exchanges between contemporary artists from Holland and Greece with the main theme "Memory Landscape". The venues used are non-profit, possessing artistic and touristic interest. The first festival was hosted in sites located
in Crete (Heraklion and Chania), Paros (Naousa, Paroikia, Lefkes) and Athens, some of which are historic monuments. The aim of the festival is to provide a bridge of culture between Greece and Holland, especially in the field of the visual arts, attempting to spread later to more countries by organizing exhibitions both in Greece and abroad.
"Memory Landscape"
The "Memory Landscape" is the central idea of all the exhibitions of the first Orange Water festival. In these exhibitions are joined the projects by distinguished Greek and Dutch artists, as a representative sample of the contemporary art scene in both countries, stretching from abstract art to realism.
The exhibitions deal with the relationship of the gaze to memory and reality.
The notion of memory entails also that of amnesia, whether it is selective - via a conscious or unconscious process - or through
prejudices and ideas that affect the filtration of information. The rapid developments in neuroscience and brain mapping have revealed extraordinary
details about the memory function. The human eye is not only a receiver of external images but also works as a projector of images displayed by
the brain. Thus, each person sees - and therefore understands - the world in a completely different way. The artists in this exhibition are
invited to explore the subjective nature of memory using it as a creative stimulus for their work. They process the idea of memory in historical,
political, mythological, dreamy, psychedelic, spiritual ways.
The exhibitions present paintings, sculptures and installations using mixed techniques, digital media and conceptual art.

Apostolis Zolotakis
Art Director, Curator

Kelly Athanasiadou
Operations and Development Director, Curator Assistant

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