Eros, Omnipotent God

The first solo exhibition of the artist Anastasia Gkinaki entitled “Eros, Omnipotent God” is inaugurated on Wednesday 6th of April, 2016 at the “Eikastikes Anazitiseis” gallery in Athens.
Eikastikes Anazitiseis (in english, visual art’s searches) is a gallery granted mainly to young artists by its owner Mr. Meletis Fikioris, a lawyer and collector of works of art, so that they can present their work to the art-loving audience.
It is of particular importance that the host of the gallery has been offering it to artists disinterestedly for six years, that is well before the financial crisis in Greece, aiming to promote art and establish more and more young artists through his act.
Anastasia Gkinaki was born in 1975, in Athens.
From 1997 to 2002 she studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts under professors P. Haralambous, G. Harvalia, D. Sakellion and G. Kazazis. She graduated with “Excellent” degree. She lives and works in Athens.

The art historian and curator of the exhibition, mrs. Maria Melenti notices:
"During our struggle to compete with knowledge, to understand and rationalize our life adventures there are a lot of instances that make us feel fear about how perishable and volatile our existence is. The only thing that gives light and constitutes a clearing in this continuous human struggle is when people confront their sense of faith , of deeply honest and spontaneous trust in an idea, in a person or/and in the image of the total satisfaction to which we surrender with no conditions. It is the inevitable moments of our happiness that, though too short, mark deeply and indelibly our rite of passage from earthly world as they release us from it and make us travel towards eternity. Our ardent wish to get detached from this unique sense of emotional bliss, for which we do not care due to the past and the of life perishable both of which always follow and force us to seek for this bliss through remembrance even till the end. We all know now better than before that the winning of physical death can be achieved by using the strength both of our soul and body and through a strong, disobedient, full of passion love in all its dimensions even within the earthly shots narrated by the young, winged ancient Greek God "Mercury". Our body these commonly shared stories constitute the “shell” and “ark” of the most wonderful trip, our body touches the ground and takes off in great speed.
In a world full of fragrant breaths of the morning, the sunset and the night the images of the inlove bodies eternal and everlasting send out light. We watch them float like formations of a perpetual galaxy and to reshape space and time. They slip and refold, appear and disappear like strong rivers full of unexpected hidden sounds. Sounds that are pregnant with endless musical symphonies at the fatal peaks of intersections. The bodies that are inlove meet and fight, join with passion and conquer every field. They transmit signals of happiness to the universe and disappear to reappear again somewhere else and they play for ever with the same light giving manner. This magic story with the many variations, the universal experience is narrated to us by Anastasia Gkinaki with the series of her latest art works. She, herself is inlove with the materials of her paintings, their textures, the multiple qualities and uses the techniques of her work joining the phrasings of expressionism and symbolism with the burning desire to lead all the above in a mature speech and develops with them a creative amorous struggle. She calls them forth spontaneously and passionatelyto the service of a dynamic manifestation of elements and messages that are hidden in fields of great proportions. She struggles with them until the last moment. It is a painting world with the character of an erotic flame, an invisible fiery red which is continuously hidden and we sense it as it surrounds us. We also sense the diligent and beauty loving love of the creator, presented before us and transformed finally with remarkable skill into a fresh breeze. All this world touches us deeply, enchants us and invite us to dream like any true love. It fills us with hope and optimism, leading us to the precious soul raising which only art and its works can transmit products of a brave struggle in every “happy” moment. "

It is important to be noticed that the preview video's editor for the exhibition "Eros, Omnipotent God" is Tasos Petsas, a well know Greek composer at the Greek and international charts. His music theme at the video preview is entitled "Lover of mine". You can find the video preview at the following link in YOUTUBE:
Get more information regarding the exhibition at the following link:

Eikastikes Anazitiseis
Spefsippou str. 21, Kolonaki
Athens | Greece
Tel. 0030/210/7221556
Duration: 6/4 - 6/5/2016
Working hours: Monday - Friday: 18:00 - 21:00
Wednesday and Saturday: 11:00 - 15:00

28/4 - 2/5: Closed because of the Greek Easter
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